Our primary dive sites are located very close to the following resorts:  

 Located on the Leeward (West) side of Oahu, DIVEMAD specializes in providing professional scuba diving services for both certified and non-certified divers.  The Moana Adventure Divers Team takes pride in offering a simple, full-service, no hassle solution for both certified and non-certified scuba divers, who are interested in exploring the depths of the Hawaiian waters.  What separates us from the rest?  The fact that a majority of our tours and courses are private - which makes YOU (or your private group) our only priority.

Courses range from Open Water Scuba Diver, to Emergency First Responder.  See a full list of courses offered here.   

We also welcome open water referrals from other dive companies.   Were you unable to complete your course elsewhere, and have a referral?  Give DIVEMAD a call and we'll pick up the training right where you left off!  Busy schedule?  We offer E-Learning solutions so you can study at YOUR convenience.

Already certified?  Going diving with some friends yet unfamiliar with the area?  Give us a call and we'll lead the way, whether from shore or boat.  Our pricing beats the rest!   

Never been in the water, but want to learn what scuba diving is all about?  Sign up for our Intro to Scuba: Discover Scuba Diving today! 

We also provide services to various dive shops on the island.  Is your shop getting busy and you need an extra hand?  Give us a call and we'll send a qualified professional to provide you with the instructor services you need. 

  If you schedule an adventure with us, and need to rent gear, we can guarantee you will not have to worry about picking up and taking your own gear to the dive location.  Simply meet us at the dive site and we will have everything we need to get you fitted and in the water.

Some of our popular dive sites include Kahe Point (aka Electric Beach), Makaha Beach, Mahi, Makaha Caverns, along with many more.   Are you ready to explore the Hawaiian waters?  Ready to see what the beautiful coasts of Oahu have to offer?  Be prepared to encounter Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, Moray Eels, Humuhumunukunukuapua'a,  and Spinner Dolphins if you are lucky!  In the winter months you can hear the Humpback Whales off in the distance!

Give DIVEMAD a call today, it's a decision you most definitely will not regret! 


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