boat/WRECK dive tours

Here are just a few of the many boat/wreck dive sites on Oahu

West Shore Tours leave from Waianae Boat Harbor.  Meeting time is 7:30am.  Return time is around noon.

South Shore Tours leave from Kewalo Basin Harbor.  Meeting time is 7:30am.  Return time is 11:30am.

YO-257/san pedro - SOUTH SHORE

Depth:  100ft

Bottom:  Sandy

Possible Marine Life Encounters:  Reef Fish, Moray Eels, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles

The YO-257 and San Pedro are two wrecks that sit very close to each other.  If you are good on air, you can swim over and check out the San Pedro once you descend from above the YO-257.   Referred to by locals as the "Y-O", this ship is an old Navy oiler that was sunk in 1989.   The San Pedro was sunk next to the YO-257 in 1996.  Level:  Intermediate to Advanced

sea tiger - SOUTH SHORE

Depth: 80 - 127ft

Bottom: Sandy

Possible Marine Life Encounters: Spotted Eagle Rays, Reef Sharks, Moray Eels, Reef Fish

Sunk in 1999, this wreck sits between 80 - 127 feet, and is approximately 168 feet long.  Known for being caught by Honolulu Policy for the illegal smuggling of Chinese immigrants, after change of ownership it was decided that the ship would be intentionally sunk.   Now one of the greatest wreck dives on Oahu, this site will definitely not disappoint!  Level:  Intermediate to Advanced


Depth: 75 - 90ft

Bottom: Sandy

Possible Marine Life: Frog Fish, Eagle Rays, Reef Fish, Moray Eels, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, White Tip Reef Shark, Great Barracuda

Recently torn apart by high winter surf, this wreck is one of the most popular on the West Shore.  This 800-ton navy cable layer is home to a wide array of marine life.  Sunken in tact in 1982, you can hear humpback whales off in the distance during the winter months.  

Level:  Intermediate to Advanced

29 down - WEST SHORE

Depth: 60 - 70ft

Bottom: Sandy

Possible Marine Life:  Moray Eels, Frog Fish, Nudibranchs, Octupus, Reef Fish

One of Hawaii's newest wreck dives and artificial reefs, "29 Down" is a intentionally sunken plane.  Laying at approximately 70 ft, this former Hawaiian Air Transport Service aircraft was used in a TV series called "Flight 29 Down", about a group of teenagers who were stranded on an island.  Level: Intermediate to Advanced


Depth:  60 - 80ft

Bottom: Sandy

Possible Marine Life: Reef Fish, White Tip Reef Sharks, Moray Eels, Frog Fish, Eagle Rays

This old military land craft utility, formerly used for military beach landings, now sits at approximately 80 ft, upside down, off of the West shore of Oahu.  You may often find White Tip Reef Sharks resting underneath or inside.  Level:  Intermediate to Advanced