On 1/3/2016, Brandon C. from Kapolei, HI wrote: "Great dive guide and PADI Instructor!  Knows all the greal local spots and should be your go-to for Oahu.  A great personalized experience every time for tourists and locals!"

                             On 12/25/2015, Rick G. from Short Hills, NJ wrote, "It was a real pleasure diving with Jed.  he went above and beyond the call of duty in helping me with my eqiupment and both he and his wife Angela were so easy to work with and were so customer-focused that they made the whole experience all the more enjoyable.  On short notice during the busy Christmas week, they were able to organize one shore dive and two boat dives for me, as well as set up my non-diving family members for snorkeling. 

​                             On 12/14/2015, A.W. from Dublin, CA wrote:  "I was in Oahu for a weekend vacation and wanted to get some scuba diving in.  I found Jed through Yelp and saw all the five star reviews, so I gave him a call.  Jed took me to two ship wrecks.  We also saw sharks, eels, and lots of fish (no turtles out that day).  Jed is a pretty laidback dive master.  He was a lot of fun and was good about making sure we saw all the sea life that was hiding in the water.  it was also a small group I can't say enough good things about Jed.  If you're looking to go diving in Oahu, I would definitely give Jed a call. 

​                             On 10/24/2015, Tigran H. from Sacramento, CA wrote:  "Wow what a diving experience we had with this company, especially with Jed.  I wish I could give him 10 stars.  My wife and I got PADI certified in 2013.  We had over 25 dives since then.  But none of those dives I can even compare with an unforgettable experience we had with Jed.  He makes you feel like he is your old time friend.  But at the same time, he is very knowledgeable, professional and helpful.  We told him that we want to see a shark.  He did all he could to find a "Reef White Tip Shark" around a shipwreck.  Made a shark move from the bottom of the ocean to show us.  We loved our experience with him so much that each time we will be coming to Oahu we will only dive with him."

​                            On 10/21/2015, Cameron H. of San Jose, CA wrote:  "We call Moana Adventure Divers while we were already in Oahu and Jed and Angela were awesome about scheduling us to go out for 3 days of diving starting the next day.  It was super easy to book over the phone and we had an amazing time!  Jed took us to great sites and also took lots of pictures for us underwater.  I will definitely be calling him again the next time we are in Oahu. 

                            ​On 9/17/2015, Davis Y. from Killeen, TX wrote: "Moana Adventure Divers is THE BEST company to dive with.  Jed and his wife Angela has made all my diving experiences on Oahu memorable and exciting.  Jed certified me as an Open Water Diver in 2014 and has taken me to amazing dive sites such as Electric Beach, Sharks Cove, Mahi Mahi Shipwreck, and the Army LCU.  He gave me the opportunity to swim with Green Sea Turtles, eagle rays, white tip reef sharks, eels, and different types of fishes.  He always ensures I remember the basics of scuba diving and encourages me to improve my skills by certifying in different areas of PADI.  Jed is a true professional in and out of the water.  During each dive, Jed always checked on me to ensure everything during the dive was okay.  Jed is very encouraging to ensure you are comfortable about where you are diving. 

If you are looking for a dive company to take you out in the waters of Oahu, book a trip with MAD.  You are dealing with 100% friendly professionals who will ensure you are satisfied with time and with them whether it is a shore or boat dive.  Go Moana Adventure Divers!

                            On 08/01/2015, Bryan B. from Katy, TX wrote:  "This is how all diving SHOULD be! When I was planning a trip to Oahu with my wife and young kids, I needed to find a dive operator that was flexible, since the hotel kids club schedule didn't jive with the typical early morning boat dive departures on the island. I was about to give up and leave my dive gear at home, but then I called Jed from Moana Adventure Divers. My wife and I planned three days of diving with Jed. 

First, he showed us some truly outstanding shore diving on Oahu's north shore at Shark's Cove. One site had PLENTY to check out for two dives, and both dives we made were quite different! The lava tube cavern swim throughs here are spectacular! Reminded me of diving on Lanai! Our second day of diving was off the Kahala Kai catamaran that took us to a couple of nice spots off Waikiki. We saw a very active honu (Hawaiian sea turtle) cleaning station on our first dive, and the second was at a place called Horseshoe Reef -- beautiful coral growth there! We took the afternoon boat, which hits the shallower spots (that's what fit our schedule), but Jed can also book you on the early boat to hit the deeper spots including a couple wrecks! Our third day of diving was back on the north shore, visiting two different spots from the Three Tables Beach area.

I can't recommend Moana Adventure Divers enough. I'm a PADI Instructor, and this guy is relaxed, friendly, laid-back, yet takes your safety seriously and is always a professional. Of course, no good man is without a better woman to back him up... Jed's wife Angela will ensure your dives are scheduled, you know where to meet, and that all of your questions are answered in advance! What are you waiting for? Your personalized Oahu diving adventure awaits...."  

​                           On 07/22/2015, Zephyrelectric from CA wrote:  "My daughter and I had 2 amazing wreck and reef dives. Jed is easy going and a great guy. We did exactly the two types of dives I requested, he brought all the gear and all we had to do was dive. I would definitively recommend Moana Adventures to a friend and will be back again!."  

                           ​On 07/22/2015, David from Tampa Bay, FL wrote:  "I am only giving this five stars because that is all I can. It's should be more like a ten star review. I have been a dive professional for more than twenty years. Safety and enjoyment are two things that are vital to me, so when I wanted my wife and kids to get their Advanced Open Water I worked with Angela at Moana who was excellent about giving me all the information I needed to have, and even let me talk to Jed (the instructor) who answered every one of my MANY questions. Not only did they finish their advanced open water while we were on vacation, Jed made sure the dive sites were absolutely world-class, and that they were able to experience the joy of diving while taking their class. 

I can ESPECIALLY recommend Jed for female clients. I know that women typically learn better from other women. With Jed though, he's worked with so many women over time that he understand the things that are important to women, and he gave my wife such fantastic attention and instruction she could not stop talking about how much fun she had in the class, and how she really learned the skills. As a professional, I was 110% satisfied that my wife and kids were taught in a completely safe and controlled manner. I could not ask for more.

When you dive in Hawaii you have choices. Don't make a mistake by going with the biggest shop on the island. Do yourself a HUGE favor and get the personalized service that only Moana can give you. Whether you need to get a certification or you want a world-class tour, Moana Adventure Divers is for you."  

​                         On 07/17/2015, Dave from San Jose, CA wrote:  "I enjoyed my best dive earlier today with Jed from Moana Adventure Divers.  We visited two wreck sites and swam with turtles, eagle rays, eels, and a white tipped reef shark.  Fantastic experience and a great dive guide!."  

​                         On 06/15/2015, Jeff from Granite Bay, CA wrote:  "My son and I did our open water dives in 2014 with Jed of Moana Adventure Divers and Jed was so great that we came back to Oahu so my wife and my father could do their open water cert with Jed.  He is great, he makes sure you get all your skillz done but he keeps things nice and relaxed.  Highly recommend contacting Jed for any and all of your diving needs!!."  

​                         On 12/21/2014, Whytele from Queensland, AUS wrote:  "We are three 17-21 year old guys from Queensland Australia and just finished our open water diving license class with Jed from Moana Adventure Divers. Jed was enthusiastic, friendly and a top bloke. He explained things well and had a relaxed approach that made us feel really confident about scuba diving by the end. Highly recommend taking classes with him."  

                         On 9/6/2014, J.B. from Fairfield, CA wrote:  "Jed made my trip to Hawaii worth something! Years ago I had started, but did not finish my scuba certification. My previous instructor was dull, and left out many key points to safe diving. Not only was Jed amusing, but he knew his stuff. I was comfortable and he was in control of the situation at all times. A true professional; you can tell that he loves what he does. Best of all, he knew all the local dive spots that aren't inundated with tourists. I got to see Oahu from it's best side. Now that I'm certified, I will definitely be calling Moana Adventure Divers for tours next time I visit."  

​                          On 8/25/2014, B.M. from Franklin Lakes, NJ wrote:  "Jed took my son and I for a two tank at electric beach this morning and we had a blast.  He's took the time to get to know us a bit before launching into a pre-dive "what you can and cannot touch" tour and made sure the rental gear was all working great. Throughout the dive, he highlighted the key finds including a couple of eels, turtles and even a very brief visit by a few dolphins (gotta love Hawaii).  Strongly recommend and have already booked our next dive with him.  (and just to mention Angela, she's awesome and made sure everything was on-time and we how to get to the beaches!)" 

​                          On 8/22/2014, Herb from Lewisburg, WV wrote:  "Jed is a great combination of making people feel comfortable in the water, thorough in knowing how to safely and properly dive while having a blast the entire time. He just certified my 17yr old daughter and she loves it!!!!  We will definitely be a repeat customer with Jed again." 

​                          On 7/17/2014, Dale from New Smyrna Beach, FL wrote: "Jed is an excellent dive instructor who is friendly and enthusiastic about diving.  He puts everyone at ease, especially new divers.  I highly recommend him because he will go out of his way to make sure you have an awesome experience.  You will NOT be disappointed!" 

​                          On 7/9/2014, Angela from Ewa Beach, HI wrote:  "If Jed can get ME in the water, he can get ANYONE in the water and scuba diving in no time!  I'm terrified of the ocean, and was also terrified of scuba diving.   During much of my Open Water course (through another company), I cried because I was so scared. Jed then convinced me to pursue my advanced, so I could join him on dives, especially from a boat.  I agreed, and he decided he would be the one to train me.  As soon as I arrived to the dive site, I began to panic.  I understood the book material, but getting into the water terrified me. Jed was incredible when it came to calming me down. He had me visualize how relaxing and fun the dive was going to be.  He helped calm my nerves, and the dives I did that day were the easiest dives I've ever done.  Next were the boat dives.. again I was TERRIFIED, but had to do them to pass the course.  My previous experiences diving from a boat were horrible to say the least.  Again, Jed make me feel 100% comfortable, and the dives I did that day off of the boat were hands down the best dives I've ever been on! I'll say it again, if he can get ME into the water, he can get ANYONE into the water and scuba diving in no time! Thank you Jed for introducing me to the world of scuba diving, and for helping me overcome my fear of the ocean!" 

​                          On 6/13/2014, Roman from Langley, Canada wrote: "Oahu has countless opportunities for diving and dive outfits to choose from. Some have gotten so large that your sometimes "one opportunity to dive" in paradise gets lost in the shuffle due to overbooking or last minute cancellations due to not enough people on the boat.  I am not one to post reviews and actually this is the first one that I have done.  Both me and my son are recently certified open water divers and were a little intimidated by the whole experience when we were looking at diving in Hawaii.  Right from the beginning, Jed the owner made us feel completely at home.  His personality is fantastic and is only dwarfed by his high levels of professionalism, experience and total customer satisfaction.  He took care of all of our needs and concerns and made this an experience my son and myself will cherish for the rest of our lives.  Thanks Jed!!!!!  Anyone out there considering diving anywhere in Oahu, make sure you get in touch with Moana Adventure Divers, LLC!!!!!!  You will not regret it!!!!"  


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