oahu shore TOURS

Here are just a few of the many shore dive sites on Oahu

KAHE POINT aka electric beach - west sIDE:

Depth:  ~ 30ft  

Bottom:  Sandy, Coral Patches

Possible Marine Life Encounters:  Moray Eels, Puffers, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, Eagle Rays, Spinner Dolphins, Moorish Idols, Butterfly Fish, Trigger Fish

Rated also one of the best snorkeling sites on island, Kahe Point (also known as Electric Beach) is known for it's vast underwater life.  Given it's name due to the electrical plant across the street, this dive site hosts a very large tube from the electrical plant that pushes out warm water.  This warm water is what attracts the various sea life.  This site is good for divers of all levels.  

three tables - north shore

Depth:  20ft - 60ft

Bottom:  Varies Between Sandy and Coral

Other Sites at This Entry: Cathedrals, Turtle Car Wash

Possible Marine Life Encounters:  Puffer Fish, White Tip Reef Sharks, Trigger Fish, Moorish Idols

Named after the three flat rock formations seen from shore, three tables is a popular shore dive entry site on the North Shore of Oahu.  Because it is party of the Pupukea Marine Sanctuary, a wide variety of marine life can be seen here.   Mostly known for the beautiful layout of the arches, overhangs and crevices, this shore dive is a must during the summer months.  Best suited for intermediate to advanced divers.  

shark's cove - north shore

Depth:  20ft - 60ft

Bottom:  White Sand, Lava Rock, Coral

Possible Marine Life Encounters:  Corals, Nudibranchs, Crabs, Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles, Shells

North Shore Oahu's popular marine sanctuary, Shark's Cove is an ideal dive spot for divers of all levels.   Best diving is done during the summer months when surf is calm.   Witness various sea life at the mouth of the cove, before diving deep to explore caves and beatiful rock formations.   Keep your eyes open, as many Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles frequent this area.  

magic island - south shore

Depth: 0 - 70ft

Bottom: Rock, Sandy, Coral

Possible Marine Life Encounters:  Porcupine Fish, Spotted Puffer Fish, Fan Tail Filefish, Moorish Idols, Trigger Fish. 

Located near Ala Moana Beach Park close to Waikiki, this dive site is a great dive site for beginners.   Due to the lack of current in this area, the marine life is abundant.  One of the easiest dives on the island, this a great place to train new open water divers.